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Don’t need that coffin yet!

From a newspaper clipping, probably Sussex Express, sent to me a couple of years ago, sorry I can’t be more precise on the source:
“STEPHEN Ziegler from Horam is writing up his family history.
His grandmother, it turned out, had six brothers who served in the Great War and remarkably they all came back, though two died later due to wounds.
His gran married Sydney Funnell in 1923…”

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Turret clock by Edward Funnell, BrightonMore pictures of Edward Funnell’s work with this 3 train turret clock and a carriage clock respectively for sale in the U.K. and Australia.

If you own one of our ancestors timepieces, we would be pleased to show photos of it on the site.

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HMS TriumphVictor Ernest Funnell, born in 1892 in Hove, was the fourth of James Funnell and Naomi Packham of Chalvington’s eight children.
He joined the Royal Navy at 16½ and boarded the battleship “HMS Triumph” in August 1915. Three officers and 75 ratings died in it’s sinking.
Victor Ernest Funnell was one of them.

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