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There are several explications as to the origins of our surname put forward by more learned men than me. The three most credible explications all point to the same region : Pevensey Bay or to be more precise in historical terms, the liberty of Pevensey which was an early name for the “Rape of Pevensey”. […]

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The following article is  taken from “Sussex County Magazine”, vol. 6, p.131. THE FAMILY OF FUNNELL Mark Anthony Lower records the following : – "There are two tradesmen at Lewes (i.e.  in 1873), one of whom keeps a beerhouse called the Grape-vine and the other a respectable able grocer, Mr Alfred Funnell, who deals in […]

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Just for the record!

Well, I’ve done it! At last the long announced overhaul is finished. All I have to do now is some fine-tuning and a lot of writing. For the record, most of the work was done over the weekend (20/21 january) and the finishing touches were administered in the night of Monday 22nd. Hope you like […]

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